Open Studio — Portfolio Preparation Course,
Creative Practices 2020–2021

We Lost You For A Moment There

It gives us great pleasure to share the work of this year’s students who have studied with us on our Portfolio Preparation Course – Creative Practices. All have shown a prodigious amount of dedication to their studies during very challenging times and have embraced working online with us, establishing remote working spaces, with continued enthusiasm and commitment. They have all been remarkably abundant in their making and created portfolios of work that are diverse and engrossing; whilst supporting each other in their learning, being extraordinarily good natured and kind throughout.

Our primary focus is the creation of a unique and distinctive fine art, design or architecture portfolios of work, for both ‘Digital ‘and ‘Full’ Portfolio submissions for Further and Higher Education Courses and other directions. Students studying on the Portfolio Preparation Course work in a Studio Environment this year online, within which every student is supported in developing their creative skills, through the application of a wide-range of imaginative, technical and practical processes. The diverse online studio-based learning and teaching activities, have been and are designed to assist students in simultaneously developing experimental and innovative work as well as acquiring a strong work ethic.

This year being online has given the students this opportunity to showcase their work via the GSA Website at the end of their studies, self-selecting and curating their own work and promotional material, providing a professional experience where the emphasis is on learning and thinking through doing, and the site will be available for the public to view for a year.

The majority of our students go on to study Undergraduate Degrees, plus some Postgraduate Degrees in either Fine Art, Design or Architecture, at institutions across Scotland, the UK and Europe. Other trajectories include being self-employed, running their own creative businesses and undertaking internships.

This year’s students are all currently being invited for interviews and receiving offers, considering other and all their options and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for choosing to study with us and we wish them all the very best for their futures.

Deborah Holland + Joanie Jack

Joint Course Leaders

Portfolio Preparation Course – Creative Practices
Open Studio

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Sam Camilleri

Murder Cleanup

Images taken on film and then arranged in photoshop.

Fan Closeup

Closeup Drawings of a PC case fan using white pencil.


Piece inspired by the work of David Carson using acrylic paint.

Junction Closeup

Closeup image of a 3D sculpture created out of foam board inspired by the word junction.


Photo of ripped billboard photographed in Glasgow.

Rubik’s Cube

Analytical render of a Rubik’s cube inspired by the word memory.


Analytical render of an SSD and RAM stick inspired by the word memory.


Glass sculpture made using painted glass shards glued together.


3D render of two eggshells.

How To

Front and Back cover of a satirical parody instruction manual on how not to tie your shoelaces.

Ingredients List Page

Page from parody instruction manual including items you will need.


Small zene like book made from card and cardboard.

Type 1

Image of two illustrations of type drawn with charcoal.

Type 2

Image of a word made using a font created by combining two other fonts.


A collection of my own photography of my life and the people and actions around it. Taken on film.

Sitting Pose

Life drawing using charcoal of a sitting pose.


Analytical study of my wo hens trying to capture their sudden movement.


Short animation of a 3D cube being smashed using blender.


A single frame from another short animation of a glass bottle being smashed.


Photo of a Pc case fan being suspended.